Concrete is an old product but has been gaining new recognition as a DIY and crafting medium. Here are a few things made out of concrete for your home.

Stepping Stones
These stepping stones use molds that come in many styles. Put the mold on plywood. Preparing the mold with a light coat of vegetable oil will help the release of the concrete when it is finished setting. Mix the concrete to a workable condition and fill the mold while lifting the board under it and tapping it on the ground to release air bubbles. Let cure for 4 days while covering with painter’s plastic and placing on a level surface. Place another plywood piece atop the backside of the mold and flip over to release the mold. Sand or finish as desired.

stepping stone
Fridge Magnets  

All you need is a silicone ice cube tray and magnets. Mix up the cement in a container, scoop it into the ice cube tray, wait for the concrete to begin to set and push the magnets into the concrete. Wait for the concrete to fully set, following the directions. Pop out the concrete from the hardened molds and hang on your fridge.


Cinderblock Planters

planterStrategically stack your cinderblocks in a corner. Shape them so that each layer has an edge outside to plant in, but the stack is highest in the center corner. Paint the outsides of the cinderblocks if you desire.




Concrete Bowl

Using a 60-pound bag of cement and a rubber bucket that she purchased at Walmart, this reader made a concrete bowl by dumping the cement into the rubber bucket after mixing the perfect consistency and adding another plastic bowl on top of it to make the perfect inside of the concrete bowl. After she allowed the bowl to try completely on a level surface she took out the new bowl eased by the canola oil that she coated the surface with and now has a delightful centerpiece.


DIY Concrete Vases

Using a large plastic bottle and a smaller plastic bottle they make a cute minimalist concrete vase. The first step is cutting the tops off the two plastic bottles and fill the larger bottle about half full after mixing the concrete to workable condition. They used quickcrete the quick-setting concrete. Pushing in the smaller bottle until it almost reaches the height of the larger bottle then let it set for 15 minutes and remove the outer plastic bottle. Then they trimmed the inner plastic bottle to the same height as the outer concrete and filled the vase with water and flowers.


Cute Concrete Planter

With molds made of recyclable bottles, these adorable planters are inexpensive to make and a cute addition to your table. Change out the plant to give them a cute new hairdo. Assemble a mold by taking the top part of a soda bottle off where it becomes straight. Also, remove the screw on top. Assemble your mold by cutting a strip from the bottle a half inch shallower than the dome part. Let it unravel inside the dome and tape it in place. Coat the mold with cooking spray. Mix the concrete to workable condition. Cure the concrete for the amount of time as per instructions. Add plants and faces to your planters.