DIY Projects

Recently, a friend invited me to his new apartment and I was amazed to look at all his décor. Everything seemed surreal. I asked him that it must have cost him a great deal. “It just cost me concrete, my friend,” he said smiling. I asked him for the details that I am going to share with you. While thinking of concrete, the only thing that comes to our mind is huge projects and buildings. But it is a very versatile material, in contrast. It can be molded into a variety of things from as complex as kid’s playhouse to as simple as candle holders.

Let’s take a look at some of the tips and tricks that will help you with your DIY concrete projects:

outdoor1. House number. This is a very captivating and easy DIY project that you can make for your house. All you need is desired foam numbers, a mold of any size or shape, and concrete. Do not forget to place the numbers upside down in concrete. Remove the numbers and your own concrete house number slab is ready. You can put it in your garden for a more compelling look.

2. Concrete clock. If you want to give a minimalist look to your room then a concrete clock can do wonders. You can make it easier by putting concrete in the mold of desired size and shape and attaching the clock machinery, thereafter. It looks so cool and chic.

3. Wall hook. Having a stylish wall hook is so important as it is the first thing people will notice after entering your house. You can use molds of any shape to make wall hooks but I would recommend light bulb wall hook. It looks so interesting and is ideal to hang hats, coats, and other things.

4. Fridge magnet. These are trendy and quite easy to make. All you need is a mold of desired shape, concrete, and a magnet. You can make this by pouring the concrete into the mold and putting a magnet into it. Wait for it to dry and DECORATE YOUR FRIDGE!

5. Table numbers. You can make an interesting and durable table number using the mold of the required number, concrete, and some concrete and spray paint to give color to this fascinating DIY.

6. Cutting board. What is better than a durable and resistant cutting board for your kitchen? Here are the instructions on how to make this useful project: take a desired plastic mold and pour the concrete. Let it dry. Sand down the board to smooth out the rough edges.

7. Geometric bookends. This a unique idea to have bookends made of concrete. You can do this simple DIY even if you are a beginner and do not have any previous experience with cement and concrete. TAKE A GEOMETRIC MOLD, POUR SOME CONCRETE, LET IT DRY, AND FLAUNT YOUR BOOK CORNER!

8. Candleholder. A cement candle holder is a low-budget DIY that looks so costly. You can keep them simple if you are a beginner. You will not even need a mold for this purpose. You can make it using a milk carton and be following the instructions listed below: cut along the side to make a flap. Now cut holes large enough to fit the candles. Pour some concrete and put candles inside. Let it dry and remove the carton.