Cleaning Concrete

Oil may be one of the most common stains that can occur on your concrete driveway. This oil usually comes from your own car. It is highly recommended for you to remove this oil as soon as possible, so you can keep your concrete clean. This article is going to discuss how to clean oil from concrete. You can follow some of these tips, in order to help you remove oil stains easily.


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Cleaning oil from the concrete may take some time and effort. You need to select the best method that is suitable for your situation.

oil stain

  1. Use strong detergent

It is one of the easiest ways that you can do to remove oil stains from the concrete. You can use your own detergent in your kitchen. You should use a pure detergent without water. This regular detergent has some powerful compounds that can remove oil from the concrete easily. These compounds are going to bind all fatty acids or oily substances strongly. When it is necessary, you can also use a scrub brush and sponge. These two accessories are very useful to lift up excess oil stains from the concrete.


  1. Apply concrete cleaner or de-greaser

This is another good method for removing oil stains quickly. If you look at the market, you can find some of the best concrete cleaner or de-greaser products. The concrete cleaner is available in two main forms, including powder and liquid. Most products can be applied to your concrete directly. You don’t need to mix these concrete cleaners with water. When you apply a good concentrated alkaline soap to the concrete surface, this soap is going to loosen up the oil for easy removal.


  1. Clean oil stains with poultice

Poultice will be another common treatment for cleaning oil from concrete. It is mainly made by saturating some absorptive materials (for example pool filter media, sawdust, and also kitty litter), with strong solvent (for example xylene, acetone, MEK, and also lacquer thinner). First, you need to cover the oil with poultice and plastic. You can let the osmosis process occur. The solvent is going to break down the oil, while the absorptive materials are going to suck the oil out of your concrete.



  1. Use microorganisms as oil cleaner

This new method is very useful to help you remove oil from concrete. You can use single-cell microorganisms that can thrive on crude oil and all of its derivatives. Enzymes and oxygen are going to digest the oil, then the oil is turned into carbon dioxide. When the oil is completely gone, all microorganisms die, leaving the concrete oil-free and clean. You can use Terminator HSD and also ACT Concrete Cleaner. Both products contain all useful microorganisms that can remove oil from concrete completely.

It is highly recommended for you to remove oil from the concrete as soon as possible. The immediate cleaning process can prevent oil buildup on the concrete. If you have any problems with cleaning the oil stains, you can hire a professional concrete cleaner. You have to ensure that you remove the oil completely, in order to maintain the quality of your concrete.


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