Can You Install Vinyl Plank Flooring Over Concrete?

The answer is yes. Vinyl planks are a great way to create a beautiful, durable surface that can be installed directly on concrete.

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But installing them isn’t as easy as it looks and can require a lot of time, money and materials. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of installing vinyl planks directly onto concrete so you can decide if they’re right for … Read More ...


How to Clean Oil from Concrete Effectively

Cleaning Concrete

Oil may be one of the most common stains that can occur on your concrete driveway. This oil usually comes from your own car. It is highly recommended for you to remove this oil as soon as possible, so you can keep your concrete clean. This article is going to discuss how to clean oil from concrete. You can follow some of these tips, in order to help you remove oil stains easily.… Read More ...


Specific Methods For Heating A Concrete Floor

Heating The Floor

The rooms that are built on a concrete floor are the coldest in the entire house. This is why most people resort to radiant heating systems that are meant to hinder the low temperature issued by a concrete slab and warm up the air in the room. Generally, there are two specific methods for heating a concrete floor: in-floor heating system or above-floor heating system. It is all about the needs of … Read More ...


How to Install Carpet on a Concrete Floor

Carpeting a concrete floor, or any other type of floor does not only make the room more inviting, it also helps to keep the room warm, and reduce noise penetration. The task is not as difficult as many of us think, and can be easily done with adequate planning, patience and with the required tools.

The following is a comprehensive guide on the steps to take when carpeting a concrete floor that will guarantee you … Read More ...


The Benefits of Having Concrete Flooring

Perfect Floors

It is common to find residential, public and even commercial buildings that have concrete flooring. The benefits of concrete flooring are numerous, and that is why building owners have adopted it. First and foremost, concrete floors are durable. They are very resilient and tough which enables them to withstand pressure from heavy things such as trucks and stacked crates. They are also able to resist damage from for instance pet claws and high … Read More ...


Shabby Chic DIY Concrete Project Ideas

DIY Projects

Recently, a friend invited me to his new apartment and I was amazed to look at all his décor. Everything seemed surreal. I asked him that it must have cost him a great deal. “It just cost me concrete, my friend,” he said smiling. I asked him for the details that I am going to share with you. While thinking of concrete, the only thing that comes to our mind is huge projects … Read More ...


5 DIY Projects Using Concrete to Modernize your Home

Concrete Projects

Mention concrete and you conjure images of huge grey urban spaces, industrial sites, and cement mixers. What people don’t think to realize is that concrete is actually an incredibly versatile material. It can be used in tiny or large amounts, it will fit any mold you have and if mixed correctly it will last a lifetime. What’s more is that you can easily buy bags of ready-mix concrete from any good hardware store … Read More ...