Clean Garage

Dusty floor, greasy black spots, polluted air, filthy corners, muddy footprints. Sound familiar to you? Curious on how to fix these seemingly difficult problems in your garage maintenance?


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First, let’s address the reasons for fixing these problems in the first place, why it is important that you keep your garage in good condition. First, it is important to realize that various chemicals and grease will wear out your garage floor. If you want to save time and money in the long run, you better keep your garage floor in check and upkeep regular maintenance. In addition, it is unsafe for you and your family to breathe in and be around such toxic environment, so be sure to follow these procedures for cleaning your garage floor. You will feel better about your home, too!


In order to get to all spots in your garage, into all corners and nicks in the ground, remove your car, obviously, and all material that is portable – that is everything that is not firmly attached to your garage. After completing this step, you are then ready to proceed with the following steps.


The first step to take after removing all items is to scrub the floor. In case you have a drywall coated with paint, be sure to tape up to three feet from the ground with plastic sheets, so the walls do not get affected by the water. A few items you will need to scrub down the floor is a deck brush, a degreaser for concrete, a nozzle set on high pressure for your house, and a bit of elbow grease. In case you do not own a degreaser for concrete, you may use the Tide brand of detergent for laundry, or maybe TSP. Combine in a large bucket some degreaser with water, warm to hot temperature.

Next, be sure to divide your garage into portions to clean because this will make the process easier. For the first portion, pour some of the soapy water onto this section and begin scrubbing. In case your floor is extra filthy, let the stuff sink in after scrubbing in a little at first. After about 5 to 10 minutes of waiting, pour on a bit more soapy water and continue scrubbing off the dirt. Afterward, spray it down with your hose, and move on to work the next portion. Using this method of cleaning, you will want to be sure that the floor does not start to dehydrate prior to rinsing it off, so be sure not to work too slowly through this. If some stuff really cannot come off, use other methods listed here.


Grease and Oil Stains

For tough grease and oil stains, especially if you were not able to remove these in the method explained above, some alternatives for these difficult spots are oil eater (may buy at Amazon), oil-dri + degreaser, kerosene, pour-n-restore, eximo, and terminator HSD just to name a few. Before using any one of these products be sure to put safety first. For example, when using the aggressive product, kerosene, turn off and keep away any device that could cause a fire, since the product is super flammable. Also note that it is likely that, especially if the stain has not been taken care of for years and has been there a long time, it will leave discoloration in that area.


A few great final tips of advice for those of you who are interested in maintaining a clean garage area.  You should seal the flooring or maybe try out an oil mat for your garage.  Using one of these two items is sure to keep your garage clean and prevent damage directly to the garage floor from oil leaks and grease.


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