Concrete Projects

Mention concrete and you conjure images of huge grey urban spaces, industrial sites, and cement mixers. What people don’t think to realize is that concrete is actually an incredibly versatile material. It can be used in tiny or large amounts, it will fit any mold you have and if mixed correctly it will last a lifetime. What’s more is that you can easily buy bags of ready-mix concrete from any good hardware store across the country. And the benefits of concrete don’t stop there. It’s both cheaper and easier than you’d imagine. A pre-mix bag that makes 60lb sells for around $7 and all you need to do is add water and stir.

So just what can you do with concrete to improve your own home?

The answers to this question are about as endless as your creativity, but here we’ll look at 5 DIY projects using concrete to make your home look modern.

House Number
A simple and yet quirky piece to put at the entrance of your home. You just need a large mold and foam numbers. Simply put the numbers you want into the mold (remember to put them in upside-down as the image will be flipped) and pour the concrete over it. When it has set you can remove the foam and the mold to have a large home number you could allow the grass to grow through.


Industrial Plant Pots
By using two differently sized plastic bottles you can create these stylish statement pieces. Cut the tops off both bottles and place the smaller one inside the larger. Pour the concrete mix into the space between the two bottles and allow it to set.

Concrete Stool
For this one, you’ll need more than just a little concrete, but the end result will be a talking point well worth the effort. You’ll need three wooden posts to act as legs. Simply fill a bucket two inches deep with concrete, place the legs in at the desired position and wait for it to set.

Concrete Timepiece
clockA concrete clock is a simple and stylish piece that will modernize any home it’s put in. All you need is a mold of your own choosing and the clock mechanism. Really simple and yet surprisingly elegant.





Drawer Handles
If you want to add that personal touch to your wardrobe or kitchen cabinets, concrete could be just what you need. You simply set concrete in novelty ice cube trays (for example in a heart or a skull shape) with a screw-piece in the back. Then just attach the concrete shapes where you need them. Smart little finishing touches for any home.

On top of these great ideas, there are countless methods that you can use to further personalize these items for that truly unique and modern look.

For example, if you were making the plant pots from earlier, you could line the inside of the top of the bigger bottle with a lace design. The textured pattern will transfer to the set concrete.

You could also use masking tape and spray paints on the finished products to match your existing color scheme.

Using concrete to modernize your home is really one of the simplest things you could do. It’s fun, easy and allows you to be creative as you can be, you just have to start.