Fun Projects

The beauty of concrete DIY projects lies in the raw, textured touch and modern appeal suitable for both interior and exterior look. With concrete, you can shape objects however you want quite easily. Most people think concrete is used just for building and big projects only. Concrete is a very versatile material that can be used for kitchen tools, garden items, and the entire household. Now, if Modern DIY concrete projects are on your to-do list, then be prepared to get your hands dirty.


Below are some of the cool and modern DIY concrete projects.

  1. iPhone stand. I believe design is dynamic. The project is very simple since you’re required to just cut thin plastic popcorn bucket then shape it and mix with concrete mix. Make a base that supports your iPad or iPhone. A concrete stand is what you require and is a very interesting project.
  2. Concrete planters/pots. I have a pot for my plant made of concrete and I have to confess that this is one of the most fun projects. All you need are two types of concrete boxes or containers. One should be big for the mold the other one small for the interior. You can paint the planters if you like.
  3. Candle holders. This project is definitely the easiest. You need to mix concrete and milk carton and cut along the sides. Ensure to have a lid shape and then drill large holes enough for the candles to fit.
  4. Concrete wall hook. It can take a bulblike shape which is very appealing and perfect for hanging all sort of things. Forget about all other types of bolts on your wall by replacing them with this stylish modern wall hook.
  5. Chopping board. Yes, you can make your cutting board out of concrete. All you need is a concrete mix, plastic mold, stir stick, water, and a wire whisk. Then in order to make food safe, you need to coat the board with a food-safe wax like beeswax or carnauba.
  6. DIY towel holder. This holder can be used in the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. The shape is according to your design. To make them you only need wire hanger, wall nail and then hang your towel.
  7. Drawer pull. This idea is both simple and stylish, I love it. Use concrete mix then fill up with any suitable mold. You can also use rubber ice tray. The final stage is waiting for it to dry before removing from the mold. It’s that simple.
  8. Lighting fixtures. This is basically a lamp base made of concrete. To make it, you need a mold, shape it according to your preferences then let concrete do the rest. These concrete lamp base can be used in the office desk, table room or even in the kitchen.
  9. Frames and other decorations. Concrete can be used to make a variety of tiny decorations in the house. You can need to find a mold with an interesting shape, pour concrete into it then attach it to a cardboard and frame it.