Latest Trends

In the ever-changing and evolving world of home improvement, it can be difficult keeping up with the latest trends.


One of my own personal favorites right now is the trend towards the use of concrete for both indoor and outdoor furniture as well as a whole range of other surfaces. There is something so stylish, sleek and ultimately modern about awesome furniture that’s been made of concrete.

Durable Outdoor Furniture

I love it for so many reasons. It’s durable and weather-hardy which means it’s just perfect for outdoor settings where it can really make a bold statement.  If you make it with the right mix too it can also be surprisingly light and portable so easy to move around your home and garden. Concrete doesn’t need to be heavy. Using a concrete mix with the right amount of plasticity means that it can be molded and manipulated so it doesn’t need to look clunky or brutalist. Unless that’s the look that you are going for?


The chic, refined industrial look is so popular right now but did you know that concrete can also be finished in a range of bold eye-catching colors and different textures too?  We’re not just talking boring old grey anymore. We used to think about concrete being for exteriors only but now it makes a great material to use around your home providing you with unlimited design possibilities so that you can create your own bespoke and unique furniture items.


Splash of Color

There are a couple of ways to add color to your concrete including water-based or acid stains depending on what overall look you are going for. Acid stains do not peel or fade so they are a great option for exteriors. Water-based stains provide a more uniform and predictable color and you can play around with diluting the colors to make some areas lighter or darker which can look really stunning and provides a truly bespoke finish.


British brand Kast Concrete Basins has a fantastic range of concrete sinks that have an unexpected twist with their subtle use of texture. It’s a minimalist meets modernist collection in a beautiful range of colors. Who would have thought you could get so much depth into concrete?


Combine Materials

Try combining concrete some other favorite materials, like glass, metal, and wood, to design something that is truly unique and individual?


Aroma design has really pushed the boundaries when it comes to making awesome furniture from concrete with its stylish and unique collection of pendant and table lights that look like they have actually been woven from concrete! Just beautiful and so inspiring. They really do transform an interior space.


From floor tiles to worktops, countertops to kitchen sinks and even your bathtub, you really can make awesome furniture and stunning household features using concrete as your key material.


If you’re not yet ready to fully commit to concrete, then how about introducing some little hand mixed porcelain cement planters to your collection? Look it up on Etsy! They come in all shapes and sizes and will elevate a workspace making it look chic with an added urban twist.


So if you’re looking to up your interior design game and bring a wow factor to your home, then concrete is the material I recommend to really transform your indoor and outdoor spaces.